It began like this
It was 2012. I was 23, just beginning my journey in the world of kombucha, pickling vegetables from my garden and all the other things that pair well with homesteading and sustainability. Dream of the 1890’s was alive, no doubt. I felt hopeful and optimistic about the future, as most youngin’s do at that age.

On the other hand, despite all the fun of growing rare food no one had ever heard of, I had more things wrong with me than I felt someone my age should. I had

brain fog, anxiety attacks, depression and strong apathy and complacency. I knew that something wasn’t right,

but pharmaceuticals just didn’t seem to offer what I was looking for. I was already tumbling down the rabbit hole of the holistic world, and curious about what could be found, I began my mentorship program with Google. I wanted to know how to heal.

After stumbling upon holistic nutrition during my research, I implemented the fundamental ideas of this beautiful topic:

that everyone’s bodies are equipped with the healing capabilities they need, they only need to find the tools that are right for their own selves.

I started drinking green smoothies, eating as much organic as I could afford and cutting out all fake foods and unnatural cleaners. Of course, it helped to have a garden where I could grow all my own food, and I highly recommend it.

Within sixth months, my anxiety and brain fog completely diminished, and I felt sharp, happy and anxiety free. I was really ecstatic. I thought, “this is amazing! If plant’s healing capabilities are really this powerful I gotta tell everyone!”

So here I am! (2.5 years and 500 essays later… 😉 )

Fresh off the turnip truck as a graduate from American College of Healthcare Sciences. Woot!

My philosophy

After years of study, I feel like there is no diet that is best for everyone. Some people thrive on vegan diets. Some people thrive on all-inclusive whole food diets. Some people need it paleolithic style.

The ideas of holistic nutrition that makes it so effective is that

it really is individual based, yet it sticks to the core foundational principles, which looks at the individual at an emotional, spiritual, physical, and molecular level, because even our individual biochemistry matters when what we aim to achieve is healing. You must know yourself in order to heal.

Essentially, there is one thing I think all people should eat, and eat daily. That is leafy greens and herbs. Leafy greens are extremely nutrient dense and are therefore incredibly effective at healing the body. Really, there is no way around it, you have to get creative and just learn to love tha greens. (This is also where I come in!)

Let’s team up and find your personal path to optimum wellness!

Do you want to know how to heal your body from illness naturally? Know what plants to eat, how much of this, how little of that, what recipes, what kind of eating plan is right for you? Even use plants, nutrition, and herbs to compliment and assist your body as you use allopathic medicine?

Let me help you! I can work with you one on one to help you tackle your biggest health problems, as well as encourage you and keep you motivated!!

I’ll be putting out weekly blog posts and recipes to help you learn how to truly heal your body, so stay tuned!

Much Love,
-Jennifer Vacca

October 5, 2017